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Shoppers are encouraged to bring in their own bags to carry items home in.

Special bags will be available at registers to purchase.

We do have bags and carts for our shoppers to use while shopping.

We're Going Green

Shopping Tips

If this is your first time shopping at a pop-up consignment store it can be overwhelming. That's why we made this list of tips to help you make the most of your shopping experience!

Tip #1 Know what you are shopping for

We have a large selection of everything a child could ever want or need, but that can be a lot to take in. So having a list of exactly what you are looking for can help a lot, check off what you are looking for first for the best deals.

Tip #2 Have a plan of action

Knowing what you are looking for is half the battle, knowing where you are going is the other half. If possible follow us on Facebook and Instagram, we share pictures and videos of things before the sale. By looking at these you can get a general idea of where things are located.

Tip #3 Shop early for the best selection

Consider getting a presale ticket or consigning with us for first dibs on our sale items. We do add more deals every morning and great deals can be found throughout the sale but as the saying says the early bird gets the worm.

Tip #4 Come prepared to shop til you drop

Bring a big bag, stroller or wagon to carry your finds, we do have a holding area so our shoppers do not have to lug around their items but sometimes convenience is key. Dress ready to shop, once you get going the thrill of finding a deal can be exercise.

Tip #5 Keep the kids home

We love children, and we know you do too, but as moms we know sometimes it is easier to shop kid free. If possible leave the children with a babysitter or relative. We know not everyone can leave their children and that's okay too!

Tip #6 Come back for discount day

It is always worth coming back on half price day to snag some amazing deals, but be careful our consignors decide if an item will be discounted. Make sure to check the tag for a discount: yes!

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